• Child Dental Care for under 13’s

    Child Dental Care for under 13’s

    Recently we have had an increase in phone calls from parents/caregivers who don’t know where to take their young ones or where to register them or even who to get in touch with regarding Dental Care so we thought we’d list Hawke’s Bay Dental Therapist contact details for you all. Here at Dental On Raffles we only see 13 years and up for regular dental maintenance. We hope this is of some help. If you are in need of any further advice or direction please call us on: 8356253

    Hastings Central Community Dental Clinic 8734860

    Flaxmere Community Dental Clinic at Totara Health 8335741

    Mahora Community Dental Clinic 8734864

    Central Hawke’s Bay Community Dental Clinic 8586725
    Wairoa Community Dental Clinic 8389721
    Greenmeadows Community Dental Clinic 8447023

    Havelock North Intermediate Dental Clinic 8734862
    Onekawa Community Dental Clinic 873 4863

    You may also find this link useful > Public Funded Dental Care Hawkes Bay


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