• COVID 19 Important Dental Notice

    COVID 19 Important Dental Notice

    18th March 2020

    To all patients of Dental on Raffles

    As you will be aware the COVID 19 virus potentially poses a very real threat to the health of our people along with possible financial hardship for some of us. At Dental on Raffles infection control is a large component of ones visit to our premises. This is nothing new to us as we have processes in place that deal with other significant diseases spread through aerosols for example the AIDS virus and Hepatitis. The same protocols are in place for the COVID 19 virus with some added processes in that are specific for the COVID 19 virus.

    The point I am making is that your safety is our first priority and can assure you that we are going to extra lengths to ensure that it is business as usual at Dental on Raffles.

    For those of you who are being extra vigilant and want to limit your contact with the public we will respect if you want to remain outside our premises until your appointment is due. One will need to ring our reception to indicate your presence and you will be notified when you are able to be seen.

    We ask patients to sanitize their hands before and after appointments. Once again I want to thank all our loyal patients and it is only due to your support and custom that we can extend this offer of assistance to the less fortunate if the need arises.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gary Winter BDS

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