Why do my gums bleed easily?

This is because your gums are inflamed from the build up of plaque and calculus (tartar) around the gum tissues.
Good oral hygiene will remove plaque but our hygienist removes calculus and teaches good oral hygiene.

What happens if I don’t treat inflamed gums?

It will start with inflamed, bleeding gums and progress to bone loss around teeth and eventually teeth will loosen in the gums and have to be removed.

My teeth hurt when I have cold or hot drinks or food and sweets?

This usually means you have cavities or dental erosion of your teeth that need filling.

Does amalgam (metal fillings) poison me?

There is no evidence of this although we let patients choose the filling materials they prefer.

Why is dental treatment so expensive?

When you visit us you are paying for expensive dental equipment, the materials we use and the cost of a university trained dental professional and a skilled tradesperson in our dental assistants.

Why are some dentists more expensive than others?

The variation is usually visible at the sophisticated equipment that one practice has compared to another. Different dentists have different levels of expertise and carry out a range of different treatments that influence the cost of treatment.

My teeth are discoloured, what can I do?

A dentist can tell you the origin of discoloured teeth and what can be done to improve them.
Sometimes discolouration is caused by deposits of calculus (tartar), food and beverage deposits and medications. The discolourations can be cleaned off. Other times the discolouration is within the tooth structure. This can be improved by a whitening process and sometimes only covering the tooth surface can get the desired results.

I have gaps from missing teeth. Do I need to fill the gaps?

Spaces from lost teeth can affect the other teeth around them. Sometimes a lost tooth causes the tooth it bites against to move in position so it loses attachment to the jaw and has to be extracted. Similarly teeth can drift apart allowing food impaction and gum disease. In many cases therefore gaps from missing teeth should be fixed.

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