Grab a Dentist

This is our other clever way of giving you, the patient an exceptional deal. During the course of a day we have small spaces appear in our appointment book through unavoidable cancellations or we may get through work quicker than expected.

On our home page it will flash up a “Grab a Dentist” highlight and you can find that available appointment time to get in at short notice. You will need to ring us to book the time.

This helps us gain extreme efficiency and to reward you for whatever treatment or examination is carried out is at a 25% discount on our normal fee for the same service.

What a great way to address that toothache or lost filling promptly and save money.


Grab a Hygienist

This works on the same concept as Grab-a-Dentist which has been so successful we felt we should extend our services with the same deal to include hygiene treatments.

Watch for those spaces to appear and you can get the benefits mentioned earlier. For more information about hygiene treatments go to “Hygienist” on our website.

How to make an appointment?

Availability of appointments will appear on our website during the day.

You will need to ring our reception to secure the appointment time and to give us information about your visit.