We hope you will follow through the process we used to achieve the “ultimate smile makeover” knowing that this is not the only way to achieve an improved smile.

There are other cost effective end results which are fantastic. Refer to cosmetic and also reconstructive for more information.

When Dental on Raffles decided to run the ‘Ultimate Smile’ Makeover competition it had no idea what a huge response it would receive.

Dental on Raffles saw the competition as the perfect way to showcase the advanced dental techniques available for people who want sophisticated long term treatment that will provide them with functional and beautiful teeth.

The competition attracted more than 120 entries from throughout Hawke’s Bay. The task of choosing a winner was extremely difficult with many deserving people sharing their stories.

After much deliberation and discussion Linda Satherley was chosen as the winner of the ‘Ultimate Smile’ makeover competition giving her the opportunity to undergo a complete dental reconstruction.

Linda had five missing teeth, with many others worn, broken down and discoloured. Her makeover included replacing her lost teeth with Nobel Biocare implants and an implant bridge to reconstruct the jaw. The rest of her worn, weakened or heavily filled teeth were enhanced by Procera crowns, which are strong and metal free.


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Almost 35 years after a horse accident severely damaged a Hawke’s Bay woman’s teeth she can finally smile again.

Linda Satherley is now the proud owner of a beautiful set of teeth, thanks to a makeover competition dedicated to putting a smile back on the winner’s face.

Linda lost five of her front teeth and had black fillings to build up several others after she fell from a horse when she was just 17 years old.

A mother of three, Linda has never had the opportunity over the years to be able to afford to have her teeth fixed so has lived with the problem for more than three decades.

Knowing how much Linda hated her teeth, her 19-year-old daughter entered her in a competition for a complete dental makeover with Hawke’s Bay dental experts, Dental on Raffles.

The makeover was an opportunity for Dental on Raffles and Andrew Devine Oral Design to showcase the advanced dental techniques they undertake for people wanting sophisticated long term solutions to teeth problems.

Linda won a full dental makeover including replacing her lost teeth with Nobel Biocare implants and an implant bridge to reconstruct the jaw. The rest of her teeth that were worn, weakened or heavily filled were enhanced by Procera crowns, which are cosmetically beautiful as well as being made from Zirconia and ceramic making them strong and metal free.

Linda also received hair and face treatments plus makeup by Sue Hardy to complete her new smile.

Linda says ever since her accident she has had to wear a plate and has been very self-conscious about her smile.

“I would always hide my smile behind my hand because I hated all the black filling in my mouth and how I looked when I smiled,” says Linda.

Linda admits she was a little apprehensive when her daughter told her she had entered her in the competition, but her husband encouraged her, knowing how much she has hated her teeth over the years.

Over a number of appointments, some up to five hours long, Linda had teeth implants and all the black filling replaced with shiny white crowns.

Linda says a few weeks down the track she’s starting to really appreciate the full extent of the work that’s been done.

“I can’t believe how different I look! It has changed the whole shape of my face and I love smiling. I didn’t realise how self-conscious I had become. This has boosted my confidence hugely.”

Linda says she’s also finding it easier to eat. With her old damaged teeth she couldn’t really eat anything too hard, but the new improved teeth are allowing her to enjoy a whole range of foods without any concerns about teeth breaking or coming out.

The treatments, although lengthy, were not as bad as people would expect. She says while they were uncomfortable and at times painful it was nothing a panadol couldn’t fix and she says the end result far outweighs any of the discomfort.

“It’s funny, I tell women about my experience and they say you’re so lucky I wish that had happened to me, and then I tell men and they say no way I wouldn’t put myself through that!” Linda is a driving instructor and also works in schools running defensive driving courses and says the confidence she’s gained from having her teeth fixed has helped in her job. Linda turned 50 in October and says her dental makeover has been the best present anyone could give her – she now can’t wait for the rest of her life!


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