• Free Dental Day 2018

    Free Dental Day 2018

    This our fifth year in a row now we’ve held a Free Dental Care Day. It’s the biggest day of the year for us, all our staff volunteer their time, skills and dedication to help families in need, if we can help ease the pain before Christmas we’ll do our best. Please note this day

  • Patient Survey

    Patient Survey

     We would really appreciate it if you could please spare a couple of minutes to give us feedback about the care you’ve received at Dental On Raffles. powered by Typeform

  • Easter Rescue Hamper

    Easter Rescue Hamper

    Our lovely Tooth Fairy ‘Tabatha’ is giving away this Easter Rescue Hamper. We too love chocolate, we’re only human. Gary always says ‘all in moderation is ok.’ A chocolate here and there is not going to result in a cavity. It is the combined effect of sugars at breakfast, in every cup of coffee or tea, in

  • Jobs Napier – Dental Assistant Wanted

    Jobs Napier – Dental Assistant Wanted

    Jobs Napier | Dental Assistant Job Listed: 8th March 2018 We are expanding! We have bought on board another dentist who is keen to get started in April with us. Now another position exists for a highly motivated person with genuine empathy and good people skills to start or advance a career as a Dental

  • New Dentist

    New Dentist

    Isha Woodhams –  Isha graduated from Otago University (2009) with a BDS, MBA and has spent several years practicing in Wellington City. Isha had an opportunity to work with very talented dentists and specialists that resulted in her life long obsession with teeth. There is a great deal of craftsmanship that goes into treating, fixing,

  • Late Night Dental Care

    Late Night Dental Care

    We realise that it can be difficult at times to take time off work or you have family commitments so we are now offering late night dental services. As of 27th April we will now be open every Thursday night except week 3 of every month we will be open Wednesday night instead. Remember, we will

  • Welcome Back

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back girls! It is a breath of fresh air to have Francesca & Jamiee working back in our clinic again. Francesca: Dental Assistant, Dr Garth Forbes Jamiee: Dental Assistant, Dr Gary Winter Meet our team – click here

  • Child Dental Care for under 13’s

    Child Dental Care for under 13’s

    Recently we have had an increase in phone calls from parents/caregivers who don’t know where to take their young ones or where to register them or even who to get in touch with regarding Dental Care so we thought we’d list Hawke’s Bay Dental Therapist contact details for you all. Here at Dental On Raffles