When Napier’s Star Toko is photographed with her children, she now beams proudly thanks to the life-changing smile makeover she received from Dental on Raffles.

Smiling is something that Star hadn’t been able to do for years due to a childhood accident that left her with a mouthful of broken and deteriorated teeth.  When it came to having photos with her children, she tearfully says she always ended up deleting photos “because I didn’t look nice”.

Star, who works at the Early Days childcare centre in Marewa, won the coveted 2016 Dental on Raffles Smile Makeover competition, nominated by her sister-in-law Allanah. “Star is a beautiful person inside and out, always putting others before herself.  But when she smiled or laughed, she always covered up her mouth with her hands.  She was shy around the parents at her work.  Her teeth held her back from having confidence in many situations,” says Allanah.

Winning the makeover competition has been life changing for the mother of four.  “I am able to smile for the first time in years.  I have a lot of confidence now.  But speaking properly took some getting used to as I was so used to hiding my teeth!” says Star. Dental on Raffles owner and dentist Gary Winter says when Star walked into the surgery, her teeth were in a very bad state.  Treatments included receiving brand new composite veneers.

Although Star’s makeover showcased what Dental on Raffles can do for extreme cases, Gary says there are many ways they can help people achieve beautiful dental results on most budgets, from reconstructions, veneers and crowns through to whitening and implants. “Our makeover competitions are an opportunity for people to find out exactly what can be done and how much of a difference even a small treatment can make to your look and your dental health.”

Star Toko agrees, with a smile.

Star received Composite Resin Veneers which costs approximately $5,000 but it can be less or slightly more depending on how extensive the work required is. There are other cost effective and various payment plan options available. Refer to cosmetic and also reconstructive for more information.

General Dentistry

These are the every day cases we carry out for you when you visit us. It usually starts with a consultation or examination and x-rays to find out what you have come to visit us for and from this we decide which general services you need.


We have a wide range of treatments including: teeth whitening, root canal treatment, dental implants, crowns, bridgework and veneers.

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Remember, we will discuss all options with you and endeavor to cost things out the best that we can. View our payment options plans – Click Here.