Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to arrive, normally in early adulthood but they can appear later in life.

These teeth can appear in the normal way and exist like any other tooth but unfortunately sometimes there is just not enough room in the jaws to fit them in and they jam up or impact and can cause infections and of course are painful.

In this situation the only thing that can be done is to remove the wisdom teeth and they will settle down.

The removal of wisdom teeth can vary from very simple to a very complex and difficult surgery.

Only after we have taken a comprehensive x-ray (O.P.G.) can we know what to plan for with impacted wisdom teeth and costs vary accordingly.

For those who find the thought of wisdom teeth surgery too demanding we also offer oral or intravenous sedation to help manage the operation.

Along with wisdom teeth issues Dental on Raffles offers a surgical service to deal with difficult teeth extractions, gum surgery and other uncomplicated procedures. Of course we offer our sedation services for these procedures.

Modern soft tissue surgery is often carried out with our soft tissue laser which is both minimally invasive and atraumatic.

For complicated oral surgery issues we refer to our maxillofacial surgical provider.

Recent Review – I can’t speak highly enough about Dental on Raffles! Having some bad past experiences, Gary has totally changed my view toward dentists – and as long as I live in Hawke’s Bay I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else! A recent experience while in Christchurch had Nicole phoning around trying to find a reputable dentist to remove my wisdom teeth rather urgently. Within a couple days I’d been referred to a surgeon, and all I had to do was turn up – Nicole had sent all my documentation so it was all there waiting for me when I arrived. Great service, despite being in a totally different island! I cannot thank Gary, Nicole and the rest of the team the help they have given me for the past couple years! Thanks for going above and beyond and for making dentist visits a breeze. Keep up the good work guys. Karen

Unfortunately some of us are just poorly designed. Everyone is different, this is why it is so hard to quote on extracting wisdom teeth. We really need to take a good look. Garth specialises in whipping these little nasties out, once they’re gone you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. Who’s ready to take charge of their body and sort these little buggers out once and for all? Phone 06 8356253

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